>Introducing…Mornings on Muni

22 Sep

>I have decided that now that we live in SF, BART tales would be few and far between. So, for your reading pleasure I’ll try to do a morning segment I’ll be calling “Mornings on MUNI.”. Too many crazy things happen on public transportation not to share them with all of you. So, with no further adue…

I understand personal space may not be able to exist on a crowded bus or rail car. I know I will probably have to get too close for comfort to the dingy looking man getting his nap on the T-train. BUT, there is NO reason for personal space not to be allowed on a wide open platform. So, to the mother and her child who felt It necessary to practically lean on me yesterday at the 4th & King station – please allow me 3 minutes of platform breathing so that I can hold my breath until I get off at my station. Thanks.


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