>Does This Bother You?!

30 Oct

>Today at work, I walked into the kitchen and, like always, there is stuff all over the table that is OBVIOUSLY supposed to go back into the refrigerator. Now, when you work at a company with a median age of 26.5 (I learned that at our company meeting yesterday) I understand that some people may still be adjusting to being out of college. I guess it is hard for some people to not be slobs. And no, your mother does not work here. But honestly people, mayonnaise goes in the fridge!!! Oh, and so does turkey and cheese- DUH!!!

In all honesty, things going in the fridge isn’t the point of my rant. It just made me realize how many pet peeves I actually have. I know that everyone has things that always bother them. So, I started to make the list mentally in my head, and I realized that a lot of things have the potential to bother me. Ha Ha. Don’t worry, I won’t sit here and type them all out – that would be boring for you to read, and I would look like a beeeeotch!

Although, I can’t help but list just a few so that in case you do this, you can stop doing it around me! 🙂

-chewing with your mouth open or having people be able to hear you chew (SO GROSS and probably my #1 pet peeve)
-not using the proper form of a word (too vs. to, where vs. wear, etc)
-pictures hung crooked on a wall
-not replacing something when you use the last of it
-wearing black with black and the two blacks not matching

OK, that is enough. I have to cut myself off or I will keep going. I mean, I know everyone has pet peeves, but I guess I just never really thought about mine- let alone make a mental list that was longer than the waiting list of a hot new club. Oh well!!


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