I am the Godkitty…

9 Jun

I’ve decided that from here on out, I need to set aside time outside every day for the photo challenge.  I think I have run out of subjects to photograph at my house – minus Michael.  With that being said, with the theme of “from a low angle” today, I knew that Elle was going to be the centerpiece of today’s picture.

My experience is that all animals have their favorite places to hang out. For Delilah, that is anywhere that Michael is.  For Elle, it is perched upon high spots int he house where she can watch over her subjects.  These spots include on top of bookshelves, the stairs, and the banister from our loft, which is pictures below:

I am the Godkitty

I would say that Elle spends 75% of the time that she isn’t sleeping sitting up here.  She just walks along the wall, peaks her head through the curtains, and sits.  Watches. Waits.  Most of the time I think it is cute.  But honestly, some of the time it makes me nervous.


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