Fruit Friday

10 Jun

Happy Friday!  I’m going to be honest, I like Friday, but I really love Saturday.  I mean, no matter how much you love your job or not, you still work on Friday.  But Saturday…now that is a day I can get behind!!  But, the work day is over, and the weekend is officially here, so no complains coming from my end!

Day 7 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge is here!  I am so proud of myself for picking up my camera every single day this week.  I mean, it isn’t the smallest camera and I have even taken it to work a few days to make sure I get my photos in.  I have still yet to read through the manual – but that is what the weekend is for, right?!  Day 7 is all about fruit.  Michael suggested that I take a picture of him wearing fruit of the loom underwear, but unfortunately he doesn’t own those (which I think he secretly knew because he wouldn’t let me post that kind of photo anyway).  So, I resorted to the only fruit we had in the house…bananas.  And, well, I couldn’t think of anything too creative when photographing bananas. So, here ya go:

Bananas on a my bike seat...twss?

I took pictures of these bananas in a variety of poses, and I think this was the most awkward, which is why I chose it.  I mean, when are you ever going to find bananas sitting on a bike seat? Yeah, that is what I thought. 🙂  But, looking at these (which are getting overly ripe) and looking at Courtney’s Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, well, I think I know where these will end up!

Ok, off to digest this delicious pizza sitting in my tummy. Talk to you tomorrow!


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