Up and At ‘Em

10 Jun

I have been working on actually getting up when my alarm goes off at 5:00am and getting to the gym.  I have been in a bit of a slump in terms of actually getting to the gym, but I am ready to get my booty in to gear!

I got out of bed this morning, after only hitting snooze once, and headed to workout.  I grabbed Better Homes & Garden off the magazine rack (which makes total sense since I live in an apartment and have no garden) and hit the treadmill for some cardio.  Here was my workout:

Minutes        Incline        Pace

1-3                     8.5               4.0

3-6                     9.5                4.0

6-9                    10.5               4.0

9-11                   11.5                4.0

11-17                12.5                4.0

17-20              11.5                4.0

20-23             10.5                4.0

23-26               9.5                  4.0

26-30            8.5                   4.0

30-35             4.0                  4.0

I followed this with a lean arms pyramid from the girls at Tone It Up:

10 Push-ups (girly style!)

20 Dips (on edge of chair or bench)

30 Bicep Curls (light weights or water bottles)

40 Seconds Plank on hands

50 Tone It Up Tummy Tucks

40 Seconds Plank on hands

30 Bicep Curls (5lb weights)

20 Dips (on edge of chair or bench)

10 Push-ups (girls style)


Quick, easy and I was feeling it.  I also threw in a few leg things, but it was a mish-mash!

Sweaty and feeling creepy taking a self photo at the gym

Not a bad start to a Friday if I must say so myself!  Alright, well I am off to take Delilah to the vet for some yearly shots.  Poor puppy doesn’t even know it is coming!!  Then, working from home today so I plan on blasting Pandora and signing along while a work.




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