Sunny Sunday

12 Jun

What a concept…a sunny day in June?! Windy, but still sunny, so I guess that is something, right?  After getting home last night at 1:00am (I know, we are crazy, right?!), I was surprised to wake up at 8am feeling refreshed.   We did all the Sunday fun day chores – house cleaning, grocery shopping for me, gym for Michael, and then decided to enjoy the sunny day and headed down the street to the dog park with Delilah.

It also provided the perfect opportunity for Day 9 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge – someone you love.

How could you not love these two?!

We tossed around the ball to each other while Delilah chased other dogs for 45 minutes or so before heading back home.  I did some prep work for my lunches this week, and Michael made a delicious homemade mac & cheese dinner – one of his specialties!

Now it is the part of Sunday where you gather your life and mentally prepare for Monday.  I plan on getting back to my morning gym schedule so that I have completed my workout before I head to work.  I love it but have been slacking lately.

I will also have some tasty recipes this week and, of course, some more pictures 🙂


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