13 Jun

I had a million ideas for today’s picture in the 30 Day Photo Challenge.  The only problem was that I didn’t have access to any of them. Today’s picture is a “childhood memory.”  I wanted to take a picture of the beach – but I couldn’t get there today.  Plus, Northern California beaches don’t hold a candle to Southern California Beaches.  Sorry people, it is the truth.  I wanted to take a picture of Disneyland (I had a season pass and went all the time).  Well, I didn’t have time for the 7 hour drive or money for a same day flight.  Not to mention, I had to work.  I wanted to take a picture with my brother and sister.  Both live in Southern California.  Hmmm, sensing a theme here?

So, I had to get a little creative.  I grew up surrounded by music.  Why  I didn’t grow up to be Mariah Carey is beyond me.  My uncles are all musicians and played multiple instruments.  My mom would sing along with them all the time – whether she was on tune or not, well, that is a different story.  I remember listening to the radio for hours on end waiting for the next song to add to my mixed tapes – and making sure to hit record at just the right moment.  I have vivid memories of listening to my mom’s yellow Walkman while walking around our block listening to classic rock songs at the young ago of 6.  I’ve always been ahead of my time, can’t you tell?

So, when my ideas for a childhood memory were wearing thin, I brought out the big guns.  And by that, I mean I brought out the guitar to Guitar Hero.  That’s right people.  Obviously it isn’t my exact childhood memory, but it symbolizes the music I grew up listening to and also ties in today’s culture.  Woah – that was deep. Enough of that.  Picture time!!!

Maybe it isn’t too late to make it big in Hollywood…


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