Something Blue

15 Jun

Well, I missed a day in the 30 day photo challenge…here is the long story short.  Yesterday was supposed to be Day 11: Something Blue.  I brought my camera to work planning on walking around at lunch to find something to take pictures of.  Well, a lunch with some co-workers ended up being a 2 hour lunch followed by shopping and cocktails.  When I got home, my bike was still at work with half of my belongings, including my camera.  My desk literally looked like I stepped into a meeting and forgot to come back.  Then I ended up having to go to an offsite meeting this morning until lunch time.  So, basically, my desk was a ghost town for 24 hours.  Anyway, I digress…today will now be day 11 and here is my something blue:


I am calling these blue, even if you think they are purple. 🙂  My Nona K (grandma) had these in her front yard while I was growing up.  Sometimes, when my brother, sister and I were being unintentionally obnoxious, we would swig at the them and knock off the flowers.   What snooty kids we were sometime…live and learn 🙂


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