Day 13 & 14: Me + 13 and eyes

18 Jun

Life happens. And, that is all I am going to say about my delayed posts 🙂


Day 13 is me with 13 things.  I haven’t mastered the art of the self timer yet, since I always end up posing so awkwardly.  Instead, I found a picture of me and posed it with 13 things.  Yes, that cute little kid in the picture is me 🙂 The other things I am surrounded with, I feel, paint a good picture of who I am.  Minus the fact that Michael, Delilah, Elle or any of my family/friends are included.  They obviously are a hugh part of me.


Items include: favorite Louis Vuitton purse, whisk (love to cook/bake), round brush (my go to blow drying tool), running shoes (I like to be active), Skinnygirl Margarita (I like a good cocktail), Chanel Chance perfume (my fave), iPhone (duh), sunglasses (a must!), chapstick (always have one), cute Barbie silhouette necklace (love it), day planner/to do list (like a 3rd arm for me), colored pens (I like things to be colorful in my day planner), and obviously….my computer.

What 13 things would you pick?!


Day 14 is all about eyes.  Well, I didn’t think you’d want a picture of my eyes, so I went with my cute Elle monster cat.  I guess technically it is only one of her eyes, but I love this picture!  She is most likely intently focused on the bird that comes to tease her, trying to find a way to break free and show him who is boss.




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