OMG Shoes

24 Jun

Day 18 – My Shoes.  Shoes. Now, this is a picture that I can get excited about 🙂  And it just so happens that I even have a shoe related store from today to go with the picture! (Side note, I just typed today as “to day” – um, long week?!)

Here is a picture of my cute Sam Edelman Cork Platform Peep toe heels that I absolutely adore!  Cute and summery, but a bit dressier than wedges:

jealous cat

Obviously Elle is jealous that she doesn’t have two kitty sized pairs to wear like her mom.  So sad for her!

Now, my shoe related story – and bare with me, this is an awkward one.  One that I probably shouldn’t put on the internet, but it isn’t that embarrassing – and I am sure some of you have had a similar situation.  This morning, while I was getting dressed, I grabbed a pair of underwear to wear (obviously) and while going to put them on, I made sure I was putting them on right side out.  Now, this might seem like, “duh Kelsey, who doesn’t do that” but I didn’t sleep very well last night, and I made the conscious effort to put them on correctly.  Fast forward a few hours to when I walk into the restroom at work to go to the restroom (duh).  I realize that I put my underwear on inside out…go figure.  AND, since I was wearing jeans with these shoes, I didn’t want to make the effort to take everything off to put them on the correct way.  So, I went the whole day with inside out underwear.  And now, we are all that much closer since I shared that with you.

Happy Friday Friends!


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