Oysters & Orange

25 Jun

I love Saturdays, don’t you? After a brief 6:15am wake up courtesy of Delilah for a morning potty break and meal, I went back to sleep and woke up at 8am.  We went for a shorter than normal morning walk because we had fun plans for today that were sure to wear Delilah out.

I headed to the gym and did 15 minutes on the stair-master (man, that thing kills me) before going upstairs to do some weights.  With no set plan, I did a mish mash of squats with bicep curls, 45-second planks, jumping lunges, tricep extensions, squats, and overhead presses.  After getting nice and sweaty, I headed next door to Safeway to grab some baking ingredients.

I had to make some tasty treats – chocolate chip peanut butter M&M cookies and chocolate chip oreo cookies – because we were heading to Tomales Bay for a going away party for my lovely friend Debbie!

Me, Debbie and Lauren

I went to college with Debbie and we both moved up to San Francisco around the same time.  She came up for school and has 1 more year left – but her last year consists of an internship located in Southern California.  I am so excited for her, but sad she is leaving me!!  She had a bunch of friends gather at this fun place, Tomales Bay Oyster Company, for a day full of oysters, friends and sun.

We had a picnic table full of goodies, my cookies included, and then bought a bunch of oysters, clams and mussels fresh from Tomales Bay that you could BBQ or slurp down raw.  Check out this set up:

Oysters by the bag full!

Snacks Galore!!

Dan manning the grill

This place was packed with people and I can see why.  It was a gorgeous day and such a fun idea.  They have tons of picnic tables set up with small BBQs and you bring food, snacks, drinks, etc and then buy oysters and other shellfish there.  I had never tried oysters before, and I got gutsy and tried a BBQed one (it was ok) and a fresh slimy one with lime juice (I was a fan), as well as a clam (yuck) and a mussel (suprisingly salty and delicious!!).

We heard the place was dog friendly, so we brought Delilah along as well.  After being super timid and nervous – which she always is – she seemed to warm up and have a good time.

This is the life...

Tomales Bay was such a fun experience – I definitely need to go back again!  I was proud of myself for trying the shellfish since the whole idea of oysters kind of makes me squirm!  Since Tomales Bay is located north of San Francisco, I had a great opportunity to capture my picture of the day – something orange!  I am pretty excited to live by one of the most iconic orange items ever…

Golden Gate Bridge


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