Without a Face on Day 21

27 Jun

I read somewhere today that if you dread Mondays, then you spend 1/7 of your life wasted on dreading one day a week.  I am guilty for the occasional Monday dread, but I definitely don’t want to waste 1/7 of my life on it!  So, I woke up bright and early this morning to hit the gym for a sweaty cardio workout.

I have decided to plan out my weekly gym sessions as follows:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: cardio workout that I will mix up between the treadmill, running outside, elliptical and stairmaster
Tuesday: BodyPump
Thursday: 24 S.E.T. (I am trying the class for the first time this week, so I will see how it goes)
Saturday: Light Cardio with weight training/circuits or Rest Day
Sunday: Rest Day

*My rest days typically consist of a couple long dog walks as well as being out and about, so I guess it could be considered active rest?!

It felt great to start the week off with a morning workout and I am feeling good about the early morning wake up!  It is so true (at least for me) that early morning gym workouts are the best way to be consistent with a gym routine.

My breakfast was a delicious bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and some of these guys:

get in my tummy!

4 lbs of strawberries for $7.99?!  Don’t mind if I do!  Obviously, Michael and I will be feasting on these through the week so this probably won’t be the first time you see them! 🙂  Work today was super busy and I felt like I looked at the clock at 10am, then again at 4:45 when it was almost time to go home.  I love those days!  But, only when I am productive as well, which I was. 🙂

I made a pretty tasty dinner tonight, and if you like bruschetta, then I suggest checking back in tomorrow!!

As a parting gift (and so that the title of this post makes sense, here is today’s picture – a faceless self-portrait:

 I’m getting my hair done on Wednesday – I think it is time to take an inch or two off…what do you think?!


One Response to “Without a Face on Day 21”

  1. Brittany August 9, 2011 at 10:32 pm #

    Kelsey! Just found your blog..love it! btw, set is by far the best class you can take! I have been going for the past 3-4 years and I still love it and it still gives me a great workout! (as long as the instructor knows what they are doing haha!) Hope you are doing great!

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