Abs? What Abs?

10 Jan

Fact: I have no core strength.  I think that I have abdominal muscles down there somewhere, but I have yet to find them.  While talking about working out today, my coworker and I came up with a challenge that I just completed and wanted to share.  It is pretty basic, but MAN it gets the job done!

The Plank Challenge

45 second plank

15 seconds rest

Repeat and complete 10 times.

*to make tracking the time easy, I used this online Tabata Clock which was awesome because you can adjust it to the intervals you want to use.

It looks pretty simple, right?  Well, maybe it is, but I was dying!  I ended up doing the first four planks as described above, then for the last six I did a 30 second plank followed by 15 seconds rest.  I’ve decided that the circuit above is my new goal that I hope to hit one month from today.  So, watch out February 10th…my abs and I are coming for you!!


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