About Me

Hi! I’m Kelsey – a 28 year old Southern California girl at heart, living in San Francisco trying to make the most of every day life through laughing, eating, working out and being me!

I’m originally from Orange County, California (yes, that would be “The OC,” don’t make any assumptions haha), lived in San Diego for 4 years of college (SDSU!!) and 1 year of “figuring out life.” Well, I am still doing that, but honestly, who isn’t?! I moved to SF in 2008 with my now fiance, Michael, and really love it. Well, there is one thing that I am not the biggest fan of, and that would be the weather. But, when you grow up spending summers on the beach and cold weather is 65 degrees with a marine layer that burns off by 10am, well, who wouldn’t be cold here?!

Anyways…I love to be active, work out, watch trashy TV, listen to music and sing along, cook and bake, read and hang out with my fiance, friends, family and my crazy animals Delilah (an English Mastiff) and Elle (a pound kitty). Thank you for stopping by! And if you have any question, feel free to email me at kelseyknight1@gmail.com or leave a comment!!


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