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Talk About It Tuesday :: Take 1

5 Feb

I’ve decided that the random thoughts that go through my brain must be shared.  Hence, the first of many “Talk About It Tuesdays.”  I tried to think of a bazillion catchy names for this series, but this was the best I came up with.  Don’t feel the need to compliment me on my creativity.  I’ve obviously wowed you with it, or why would you come back to read more, unless you are my Mom that is.  I think it is an unwritten rule. But, I digress.  Without further adieu, my first “Talk About It Tuesday.”

  • When I have to bag my groceries at the market, I am convinced it is a race.  The more items I let pile up, the more I am losing.  I hate losing.
  • I’ve had some crazy dreams lately – one included me being nervous to sign Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee” at karaoke night.  I was only nervous because I didn’t like to sing slow songs at karaoke.  Side note – I don’t really do karaoke. Also, the music video has Lisa from Saved by the Bell. Win!

  • 88 days until my wedding.  But, whose counting?!
  • The above means 90 days until I am relaxing on the beaches of Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora.  Yes please!
  • I bought Chobani Bites – Coffee with Dark Chocolate – at the grocery store last night after reading about them on a few other blogs.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was underwhelmed.  Maybe I will freeze the next one and pretend it is fro-yo. So, stay tuned.  I may have a change of heart.

  • I get to travel for my job.  Before last year, I had never been to Chicago.  Then, I went 3 times for work.  Until a week ago,  I’d never been to Portland, when I visited for the first time.  I just found out I will be there again in March.  I’ve also never been to Europe…maybe work can find a reason to send me there?

Ok, that is all my brain can produce for right now.  Hope you enjoyed!