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Life in Pictures

27 Jan

For the past two weeks, I have been travelling for work.  I’ve been all along the West Coast – San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn, Portland, Vancouver (WA), and San Francisco (obviously).  I have a love/hate for work travel – I really enjoy going to new places and getting to revisit other places that I love, but I never get to see all that I want to since so much of the time is consumed with work.  I try to always make it a point to get out of my hotel and walk around to take in some views.  Most of the time, I have no idea what I am seeing, but it makes me like at least I have seen more to that city than a hotel room and my work.  Sometimes this can lead me to some weird areas, but I always try to ask for tips on where to go and where to avoid.

Here are some pictures from the past two weeks:  

ImageRiding boots at the airport = My fancy strawberry socks being shown off through airport security.

ImageFun artwork in Anthropolgie, Seattle

ImageWaiting for my handsome ride at SFO

(Old Navy Rockstar Jeans in Black, Sam Edelman Flats)

ImageNighttime stroll through Pike’s Market in Seattle


San Diego Restaurant Week Dinner at Herringbone with some of my favorite ladies!


A little Sunday sweeping to break in my wedding shoes

ImageMorning walk with Delilah and Michael


ImageView from my Virgin America flight to Seattle


A lady rose apple (locally grown in Portland) and a tasty latte.

I hope that everyone has a great week!





Can’t touch this

5 Jan

Well, since it is five days into the new year, I am going to assume everyone has their fill of New Years related posts.  I have some plans for 2013, but nothing that I need to publicly declare on the world wide web, so I will spare you those too.  But, I will not spare you an obligatory photo of the cutest dog in the world:

Delilah says Happy New Year!

What have I been up to for the first five days of 2013 you ask?  I’ve gone back to work after a lovely 10 days off.  I’ve been knocking off wedding related tasks (only 119 days to go!!), and I have been following a “fun” diet.

I say “fun” in sarcastic way of course.  I am not one to really follow diets.  I’ve learned the hard way that the moment I tell myself I can’t have something (cookies, sweets, whatever it may be), that is all that I want and very little is going to stop me from eating them.  I try to keep a well balanced diet full of vegetable, protein, fruits and whole grains with splurges here and there, but we all know how that works with the holiday season.  That aside, I started to realize that I may have developed a food sensitivity/allergy.  No need to discuss how I got to this realization, but after a trip to a Naturopathic doctor it was recommended that I follow an “elimination diet” to figure out naturally what might be bothering me.

So, what am I eating?  Five days in and it feels more like what I am NOT eating?!  For about two weeks, I have to eliminate all dairy, eggs, corn, soy, sugar and sweeteners, wheat and gluten-containing grains, citrus fruits, nightshade vegetables,  food additives, coffee, non-herbal tea, caffeine and alcohol.  If you are still with me after all that, you will realize I am basically eating fruit, vegetables, protein (meat and poultry) and quinoa or rice.    Lucky for me, Michael has decided to partake to be moral support, so at least I am not eating a veggie bowl while he eats pizza next to me.



I follow this limited menu for 10 to 14 days, then slowly “challenge” groups (ie dairy) back in every 2 days to see what I have an reaction to.  While it is really hard to eat such a limited diet and has taken any fun out of eating, I am staying committed because I would like to figure out what it is that I am sensitive to, and be able to avoid that.

So, I hope that your 2013 has started out with more flavorful meals than mine! While I continue to dream of pizza, ice cream and carbs in general, I am hoping to learn some things from this diet, while nourishing my body with simple, healthy foods.

Confessions :: Take 1

28 Dec

This will represent a random smattering of my thoughts and confessions instead of organizing a proper post.  At least it is something to get me back in the game, right?

I brush my teeth because I like when they feel slippery and smooth and not for the dental benefits.  Apologies to my fabulous dentist, but it is the truth.

I buy at least 3 day planners/notebooks a year in order to reorganize myself. Hmm, might be time for a new one now that I say that and it is almost 2013.

I also use Google Calendars – color coded of course.

What I say may sound random, but I can explain to you exactly how I got to that thought. That will sound random too and not help you, but make complete sense to me.

I can’t stand watching football. There, I said it.  While I am at it, I am glad hockey was cancelled this year.  Oops.

Unread emails stress me out. I automatically assume something needs to be done with them.

Why is it that when you are shopping for others, or just “window shopping.” you find a million things you need/want.  But, the second you are ready to spend some cash on yourself, everything is ugly or not your size?

I paint my nails about 3 times a week.  It drives my fiance crazy, but I can’t help the fact that my nails chip like no other.  Right now, they are OPI “My Address is Hollywood” thanks to my fabulous friend Brooke.

Happy Friday everyone!!




Summer’s End

4 Sep

Well, it only took me until the end of summer to get a tan. I think that is normal in San Francisco though. While Labor Day signifies the end of summer for most people, for us City dwellers the summer weather really starts now.

Since I don’t have to go back to school, or send anyone back to school for that matter, I am not letting this be the end for me. I am not ready. I plan on avoiding the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks for at least another month. I’m still wearing white, and I am not retiring my tank tops just yet. I mean, I may have to wear them with a jacket and scarf, but I will still wear them.

To celebrate the long weekend, we went camping with some friends at Bass Lake this weekend. The weather was perfect, which contribute to my tan. The girls tried stand up paddle boarding, while the boys enjoyed themselves fishing. It was really fun, with lots of laughs, beverages and memories.

Here are a few shots from the weekend. Happy September!

Camping in style

Classic “girl laying out” picture


Abs? What Abs?

10 Jan

Fact: I have no core strength.  I think that I have abdominal muscles down there somewhere, but I have yet to find them.  While talking about working out today, my coworker and I came up with a challenge that I just completed and wanted to share.  It is pretty basic, but MAN it gets the job done!

The Plank Challenge

45 second plank

15 seconds rest

Repeat and complete 10 times.

*to make tracking the time easy, I used this online Tabata Clock which was awesome because you can adjust it to the intervals you want to use.

It looks pretty simple, right?  Well, maybe it is, but I was dying!  I ended up doing the first four planks as described above, then for the last six I did a 30 second plank followed by 15 seconds rest.  I’ve decided that the circuit above is my new goal that I hope to hit one month from today.  So, watch out February 10th…my abs and I are coming for you!!

Its been a while….

8 Jan

But, here is what has been going on…

Play Time

Jump Out of a Plane Time

Nature Time

Wine Time

Christmas Time

Vacation Time

And my personal favorite… Engagement Time!!!

Without a Face on Day 21

27 Jun

I read somewhere today that if you dread Mondays, then you spend 1/7 of your life wasted on dreading one day a week.  I am guilty for the occasional Monday dread, but I definitely don’t want to waste 1/7 of my life on it!  So, I woke up bright and early this morning to hit the gym for a sweaty cardio workout.

I have decided to plan out my weekly gym sessions as follows:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: cardio workout that I will mix up between the treadmill, running outside, elliptical and stairmaster
Tuesday: BodyPump
Thursday: 24 S.E.T. (I am trying the class for the first time this week, so I will see how it goes)
Saturday: Light Cardio with weight training/circuits or Rest Day
Sunday: Rest Day

*My rest days typically consist of a couple long dog walks as well as being out and about, so I guess it could be considered active rest?!

It felt great to start the week off with a morning workout and I am feeling good about the early morning wake up!  It is so true (at least for me) that early morning gym workouts are the best way to be consistent with a gym routine.

My breakfast was a delicious bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and some of these guys:

get in my tummy!

4 lbs of strawberries for $7.99?!  Don’t mind if I do!  Obviously, Michael and I will be feasting on these through the week so this probably won’t be the first time you see them! 🙂  Work today was super busy and I felt like I looked at the clock at 10am, then again at 4:45 when it was almost time to go home.  I love those days!  But, only when I am productive as well, which I was. 🙂

I made a pretty tasty dinner tonight, and if you like bruschetta, then I suggest checking back in tomorrow!!

As a parting gift (and so that the title of this post makes sense, here is today’s picture – a faceless self-portrait:

 I’m getting my hair done on Wednesday – I think it is time to take an inch or two off…what do you think?!