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Can’t touch this

5 Jan

Well, since it is five days into the new year, I am going to assume everyone has their fill of New Years related posts.  I have some plans for 2013, but nothing that I need to publicly declare on the world wide web, so I will spare you those too.  But, I will not spare you an obligatory photo of the cutest dog in the world:

Delilah says Happy New Year!

What have I been up to for the first five days of 2013 you ask?  I’ve gone back to work after a lovely 10 days off.  I’ve been knocking off wedding related tasks (only 119 days to go!!), and I have been following a “fun” diet.

I say “fun” in sarcastic way of course.  I am not one to really follow diets.  I’ve learned the hard way that the moment I tell myself I can’t have something (cookies, sweets, whatever it may be), that is all that I want and very little is going to stop me from eating them.  I try to keep a well balanced diet full of vegetable, protein, fruits and whole grains with splurges here and there, but we all know how that works with the holiday season.  That aside, I started to realize that I may have developed a food sensitivity/allergy.  No need to discuss how I got to this realization, but after a trip to a Naturopathic doctor it was recommended that I follow an “elimination diet” to figure out naturally what might be bothering me.

So, what am I eating?  Five days in and it feels more like what I am NOT eating?!  For about two weeks, I have to eliminate all dairy, eggs, corn, soy, sugar and sweeteners, wheat and gluten-containing grains, citrus fruits, nightshade vegetables,  food additives, coffee, non-herbal tea, caffeine and alcohol.  If you are still with me after all that, you will realize I am basically eating fruit, vegetables, protein (meat and poultry) and quinoa or rice.    Lucky for me, Michael has decided to partake to be moral support, so at least I am not eating a veggie bowl while he eats pizza next to me.



I follow this limited menu for 10 to 14 days, then slowly “challenge” groups (ie dairy) back in every 2 days to see what I have an reaction to.  While it is really hard to eat such a limited diet and has taken any fun out of eating, I am staying committed because I would like to figure out what it is that I am sensitive to, and be able to avoid that.

So, I hope that your 2013 has started out with more flavorful meals than mine! While I continue to dream of pizza, ice cream and carbs in general, I am hoping to learn some things from this diet, while nourishing my body with simple, healthy foods.